Finding Better Eye Doctors

Finding Better Eye Doctors

Anxiety About Your Eye Exam? 3 Tips To Help You Get Through Your Next Exam

by Vernon Chambers

Not everyone likes getting their eyes checked. For some, it gives them anxiety at the idea of someone getting so close to their eyes or to their face, and the bright light that the optometrist uses to look into your eyes can be scary for some. Even with the anxiety that comes with your eye exam, you need to have your eyes and vision checked in order to be sure your vision hasn't changed or that you don't have any other vision issues. To help you get through your next eye exam without feeling too much anxiety, read on for some helpful tips. 

1. Talk To Your Optometrist

Speak to your optometrist about your anxiety ahead of time. Your optometrist may be able to make some changes to the way your eye exam is performed in order to help ease your fears and to keep you from being too anxious during your eye exam. Your optometrist may be able to talk to you throughout your eye exam so you know what to expect and what is happening next to ease fears. Your vision is very important, and these exams are also very important. Speak to your optometrist ahead of time to help ease some of your fears.

2. Bring A Friend

Bringing a friend or family member to your eye exam may be something that helps ease your anxiety fears. Ask your optometrist if you can bring someone with you to make you feel more at ease. Having someone that you know and trust in the room with you may be all you need to ease some of your anxiety.

3. Get A Good Night's Sleep

Make sure you get a good night's sleep the night before your eye exam. If you need to take something to help you sleep the night before so you are well-rested, do so. Something over-the-counter such as melatonin can help get you the sleep you need. A lack of sleep can create more anxiety and intensify your fears, so get enough sleep the night before your exam, and be sure you have food in your stomach before you go to your exam as well.

If you are anxious about having your eyes examined, talk to your optometrist about these fears. It may help to talk about what you are afraid of to your optometrist to ease your fears. Your vision is very important, and these exams can detect vision problems or issues you may be experiencing. Without vision tests, you may be struggling to see properly and could have some other type of vision problem that has gone undetected. You need to get your eyes examined at least once per year. If you haven't been in a while because you struggle with anxiety, make an appointment today to have your eyes checked before you end up with irreversible vision damage.


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Finding Better Eye Doctors

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