Finding Better Eye Doctors

Finding Better Eye Doctors

Wear Glasses Every Day? 3 Reasons To Get An Exam For Contacts

by Vernon Chambers

Poor vision is a problem that can stop you from living your life the way you want to. But, getting an eyeglass prescription may bring this issue to an end. A pair of glasses can improve your vision, sometimes to the point of being able to see just as well as someone without vision impairments. This allows you to do almost everything that you want to do, but you will eventually run into tricky situations along the way. It is fine to rely on glasses, but it is worth getting another exam to get yourself set up for contact lenses.

Avoid Weather Complications

The first thing that you will notice with contacts is not having to worry about the weather every day. When it is pouring rain, you might have to remove your glasses or clean them every time a raindrop gets on one of the lenses. If you allow the raindrop to dry, it could leave a watermark that requires thorough cleaning to remove. Living in a humid climate can also be a challenge because whenever you go from a climate-controlled building to the humid air, your glasses might fog up and reduce your vision temporarily. With contacts, you do not have to worry about what the weather is like outside before leaving.

Make Working Easier

If you work in a physically demanding job, you might have a tough time keeping your glasses on at all times. It is possible to add a strap around your head, but it might not be a suitable accessory for your job. Either way, you will like not having to worry about how to keep your glasses from getting damaged while working. The contacts will also not be negatively affected as long as you are not going underwater.

Minimal Chance of Loss

Eyeglasses require you to constantly keep an eye on them wherever you go. If you put them down while you are at home, at work, or running errands, you have to remember to pick them up or you may never see them again. Contacts do not have this kind of problem because you can just wear them all day and keep the storage device at home for nightly usage. Even if it gets misplaced, it is still in your home.

Contacts may cost a premium of $70 to $100 for a seasonal supply and take time to get used to, but they are worth the slight inconvenience, especially when you experience some or all of the problems above. For more information on contact lenses, contact a company like Hudson Vision Source.


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Finding Better Eye Doctors

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