Finding Better Eye Doctors

Finding Better Eye Doctors

Pros And Cons Of Contact Lenses

by Vernon Chambers

Whether you're switching from eyeglasses or you've never used a vision aid before, choosing to wear contacts is a big decision. Here are some of the main pros and cons to using contact lenses. 

Pro: There Are Fewer Visual Obstructions

One main benefit of wearing contacts is that it can improve your vision without causing a potentially dangerous obstruction. Since the lens is directly on your eye, you won't have as much issue with your glasses frames blocking parts of your view. 

Con: They Are More Difficult to Adapt To

Contact lenses can take a bit of time to adapt to. It takes some people a while to adjust to the feeling of touching their own eye to apply the contacts. If you have trouble applying contacts, you can always reach out to your eye doctor to demonstrate the proper methods for applying contacts and see if there is an issue preventing you from putting in your own contacts. 

Pro: You Can Change Your Eye Color

Some people love the idea that they can change their eye color through contact lens. You could have multiple colors of contacts to choose from for different occasions. This is often much less expensive than having several pairs of frames that you swap out to match different outfits. 

Con: They Can Lead to Some Irritation

Contact lenses can lead to a bit of irritation if you aren't careful about maintaining the contacts. Since the contacts will prevent some oxygen from entering your eye they can lead to some problems with dry eye, but prescription level eye drops from your eye doctor can help to prevent this. 

Pro: They Are More Versatile

Another major benefit of contacts is that they are very well adapted to different environments. For instance, you won't have to deal with them fogging up in humid environments. You won't need to wear protective gear to prevent them from shattering during contact sports and other physical activity. Contacts are a great solution for people with an active and versatile lifestyle. 

If you are unsure whether contacts are the best solution for you, one thing that you can to is speak with an eye doctor at a clinic like Rhinebeck Eye Care. During your yearly eye exam, ask if you would be a great candidate for contacts. The doctor will examine your eye health to make sure that the contacts won't adversely affect your eye health. And, at the same time, they can help you decide whether contacts are the right lifestyle choice for you. 


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