Finding Better Eye Doctors

Finding Better Eye Doctors

Improper Contact Lens Care Has Serious Consequences

by Vernon Chambers

Before going home with contact lenses, eye doctors will go through routine cleaning and proper care that patients should follow. Improper contact lens care has some serious consequences. Here are three consequences that you should be aware of.

More Chance of Infections

Poor care of contact lenses often means a lack of cleaning. This means dirt, makeup, and many other particles end up on the lenses. While in the eye, bacteria grow within the particles and into the eye. Infections are highly likely with improper care of your lenses.

This isn't just a problem for those who don't clean their lenses. People who sleep in them or wear them for too long are at risk of the same health problems. The only treatment is not to use contact lenses for a period of time—set by your eye doctor depending on the severity of the infection—and receiving medical treatment. You may be advised to no longer wear contact lenses at all and your eye doctor may not sell them in the future.

Another issue for infections is not cleaning out your storage case. Microorganisms grow within the cases and transfer onto the contact lenses.

Infections are common, but 20% of people go on to have serious complications because of them.

Ulcers on the Eyes

Infections can develop into ulcers on the eye. These can be extremely dangerous, and may even lead to sight loss depending on the location of the ulcers. They also lead to scarring once the ulcers have healed.

Ulcers are often extremely painful. They may seem less painful while wearing the contact lens, as it creates a buffer between the ulcer and the eyelid. That doesn't mean you should leave the lens in! Remove it and seek help from an eye doctor immediately.

Loss of Eye Sight

As mentioned, ulcers can cause loss of sight. General infections can also lead to it, depending on the type of bacteria. One disease called Pseudomonas commonly leads to loss of sight. While the loss may not be complete, some patients only see lights and shapes afterwards, even with the wearing of corrective lenses.

This is common in those who fail to clean their lenses and sleep in them on a regular basis. Even lenses that are designed to be slept in should be removed routinely for cleaning and to give the eyes a break.

Looking after your contact lenses is essential. Unfortunately, 99% of wearers have one bad habit at least. Now is your chance to protect your eyes from permanent damage.

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